School Board Member Running for City Council

Ruth Brickley will run 'an unfunded campaign' for at-large seat


School Board member Ruth Brickley said she will seek election to Strongsville City Council this year.

Brickley, who is in the second year of her third term on the school board, said she has been interested in running for council for some time and believes now is a good time to make the jump.

"We've come to a point (in the school district) where we're in better shape than we've been," she said. "We have good leadership, and the bond issue passed."

The three at-large City Council seats are up for election this year.

Brickley will face her former colleague on the school board in the race. Dave Gusman, who did not seek re-election to the board in 2011, is also seeking a council seat this year.

The three incumbents -- Joe DeMio, Ken Dooner and Duke Southworth -- have all taken out petitions to run for re-election. 

Deadline to file is Feb. 6. If more than seven candidates have filed, there will be a primary in May. If not, the candidates will all face off in November, with the top three vote-getters snaring seats.

Brickley said she will run "an unfunded campaign," meaning she will accept no campaign contributions and spend no money trying to get elected.

"I don't want to owe anybody anything except the citizens," she said.

Brickley has been active in the Strongsville Historical Society and in various beautification efforts around town. She serves as the school board's liaison to City Council.

"People know I'm active in the community," she said. "I have no big ax to grind, but I've got the time to commit and I'd like to do this."

If she loses, she will have another two years to serve in her current school board term. If she wins, the district will appoint a replacement.

Had Issue 16, the bond issue to build a new middle school and make improvements at the high school and elementary buildings, not passed in November, Brickley said she would not be running for council.

"You've got to see something like that through," she said.


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