Spa at Rec Center Won't Open Till Tuesday

Closure due to part replacement, not bat


Strongsville officials had hoped to reopen the spa at the Ehrnfelt Recreation Center this weekend, but a repair has put off the opening till Tuesday, Feb. 19.

The spa in the pool area closed in mid-January after a piece of drywall in the ceiling crumbled, allowing a brown bat to fly in.

The bat posed some unusual problems. Because it is an endangered, federally protected species, the city was prohibited from doing anything that might harm the other bats it was hibernating with in the ceiling.

An expert was called in to install special fixtures on the roof that allow bats to fly out, but not to fly back in.

The snoozing critters are expected to wake up around April, when insects start flying outside.

Recreation Director Bryan Bogre said the city hoped make a repair on the spa while it was closed, but there was a delay in receiving a part. He said on Thursday he hoped to reopen the spa on Friday for the weekend, then close it for a day next week for the repair.

However, that part is being installed today. The spa is now scheduled to be available for use on Tuesday.


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