Strongsville School Issue May Have Passed

Updated numbers show Issue 116 with a slight lead


It's still too close to call, but updated figures from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Wednesday morning show Issue 116, the bond issue for the Strongsville schools, with a 28-vote lead.

After 36 of 36 precincts were counted early Wednesday morning, the issue appeared to be losing by 83 votes.

This morning's tally -- which is still not final -- shows the issue passing 11,222 to 11,194.

On Election Night, .

Mike West, a spokesman for the Board of Elections, said Wednesday morning he could not explain why votes would have been added to the tally after all the precincts were counted.

"I'm not sure why there might have been a discrepancy," West said. 

The vote total will almost certainly change again. There will be a recount, and provisional ballots will not be counted for at least 10 days, according to West.

"Everyone gets to hang tight for awhile longer," he said.

Superintendent John Krupinski thanked voters for their confidence.

"We appreciate the support of our community and the trust they have placed in our district," Krupinski said in a statement. "We will continue to report to the community all progress on this important project to ensure integrity and accountability."

Dan5198 November 08, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Lyn- I'm not so sure they "need" a "$5 million" performing arts center, but I do know they need something. Is it over kill, from what I've read with other cities building something similar for their middle schools, 5 million runs a bit higher. Are there things about this I don't like, you betcha, but what can we do, our hands are tied to a certain degree. I only wish there were more people like you and the others here commenting, and within our community, that would talk a whole lot more about it, argue things over, bring things to light as to what we truely need. There are a lot details to this, and some way over my head, but I tend to look at things differently than most I know. I look at this as an opportunity, to expand our schools, to allow our schools to be used more than what they're built for. I look at what it can potentially bring to our children. If someone has a better way, i'm all for it, but what else is there?
Dan5198 November 08, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Bruce- I agree with you, our tax dollars are not being used efficiently... but when you deal with politics, when has our tax dollars ever been used efficiently... not that I'm saying that I complacent about this, but how can we as a whole stop this?
lyn November 08, 2012 at 03:41 PM
I think most agree we need the new middle school. But, it appears they are throwing in as much as possible into this package, knowing that the citizens might pass it because of this necessity. There seems to be to much of a slush fund and frills that should be a separate issue. When the board does things like this, and their past history of miraculously finding funds when needed, it casts doubt on what they are asking for. As a taxpayer, I want to know what the actual costs are for a school to be built at the Center middle school site, based on plans for OUR school - not some guesstimate or average of what it costs throughout the state, and then , hey, lets add in some more things while we are at it, like a performing arts center for 6-8 graders. This all might not matter if it passes now. But, maybe we can put some restraints on their spending and hold their feet to the fire. It might not pass. And, don't forget, this is only Phase 1. There just doesn't seem to be enough communication to the general public about this. I know there are open meetings and info online, but lets face it - people in general will more likely read it on the Patch, cleveland.com or the sun paper. So, those should be where info is made available to the taxpayer, so they really know what they are voting on - not just that its for a middle school and a few extra costs.
Bruce W. Lockhart November 08, 2012 at 09:42 PM
Dan, You are obviously not complacent because you took the time to go to the meetings and understand the nature of the bond Levy.You made a judgment and voted. I researched it in a different manner and determined I didn't like it. True democracy in action. I actually started writing letters to the Editor of the Post on this about 2 months ago. I have no way of measuring if that had any effect. I do know when I talked to friends and neighbors and brought up my concerns a number of them changed their minds. It would seem to me the only way to police our tax dollars would be to attend every council and school board meeting which you would need to do with a fairly large group of concerned citizens. Not doing this is how we lost our full RITA credit and almost ended up with the "Forever Tax Levy" the school wanted. Then you have to deal with Lyn's concern as to how you notify everyone. I'm certainly open for discussions. I think it's pretty obvious we can't trust our elected officials.
Denise November 15, 2012 at 06:47 AM
My children and now my grandchildren attend Strongsville Schools. As a 36 yr. resident I have witnessed a lot. Yes, school levies are passed and then "Poof" they find more money. The Board also gives teachers a raise BEFORE a levy is voted on to pay for the raises. And if a levy does not pass, they stop the bussing to inconvenience the parents, forcing them to vote FOR in the next election, while putting our children in danger. This time they were not very vocal about it only being phase 1. And they switched to "cost per $100 of valuation" instead of $100,000. Have you seen a house for sale under $100,000? As for the info being on their website, WOW! What about residence without computers. You are right. More should have been in the newspapers. Well, the voting is done. As you said, everyone has a right to their opinion and to vote as they wish. I just wish that the residents were more informed. By the way. The people that "reply" with those "cheap shots", they are not worth your time. Discussions (which also give information) are definately a good thing. Keep up the good work.


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