Strongsville Wants Workers to Eat Healthier

New food at rec center is part of employee wellness program


City officials, eyeing a 15 percent hike in health insurance premiums next year, are stepping up their employee wellness program.

Strongsville is working with the Cleveland Clinic to switch the menu at the Ehrnfelt Recreation Center to feature healthier fare.

"Our hope is that our employees, instead of stopping at a fast food restaurant, will eat in our rec center," Mayor Tom Perciak said.

Dr. Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer at the Clinic, said in a talk here earlier this year that , are responsible for a majority of health problems.

Human Resources Director Steve Kilo has been implementing a wellness program for Strongsville employees for the last few years.

Perciak said four of the 830 people covered by the city's health insurance went through serious illnesses this year, which has led to the increase in premiums next year.

While not all illnesses can be prevented, Perciak said the city is trying to work with at-risk employees to lose weight, stop smoking and control their blood pressure.

"We are doing our very best with this," Perciak said.

sportsman December 08, 2012 at 12:44 AM
When you have one man digging a hole and 4 men watching thats why


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