New Middle School Could Open in 2015

Architects are seeking suggestions from the public on building's design


A new middle school could open as early as fall 2015, even though design of the building will take a year and construction about two years.

Superintendent John Krupinski said some of the work can overlap, with certain parts of the construction starting while the plans are still being drawn.

"The ideal would be (opening) fall 2015-16 school year," he said.

School officials and architects from GPD Group held their first public meeting Thursday night to outline the process for the projects ahead -- construction of a new middle school, major renovations at Strongsville High School and improvements to elementary schools.

"We want to hear what you have to say," architect Mark Salopek told a crowd of about 75 people at the high school. "We want to hear from residents what they want in the schools."

The projects will be paid with revenue from Issue 116, the $81 million bond issue approved by voters in November.

Salopek and Rodwell King, the GPD architects who will oversee the projects, said they will design the buildings around the priorities of teachers, students and parents.

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing you've done here," Salopek said.

Some highlights from the meeting:

An oversight committee -- Mayor Tom Perciak and businessmen Mike Kalinich Sr. and Mike Catan -- will keep tabs on progress and spending.

Security will be addressed. Krupinski said access to school buildings will be analyzed, including "taking a look at increasing surveillance cameras."

The budget is realistic. Here's a rundown of the projected costs for each part of the work:

Building new middle school on site of existing Center Middle School -- $46,009,242. It will include wireless Internet and state-of-the-art technology in the classrooms.

Renovations at the high school -- $26,047,476. This includes wireless Internet, HVAC repairs and a whole new look. "We want the renovation to look like it's new," Salopek said. "We'll make it nice."

Building a football field and track at middle school -- $656,742.

Transportation renovations -- $2,483,647. Includes resurfacing Rademaker-Miller, the parking lot repairing two roofs at the bus garages.

Elementary school renovations -- $3.5 million. The work will include critical repairs to HVAC and roofs, plus new technology.

Preschool renovations -- $250,000. A renovation will increase the space for activities.

Abate and demolish -- $382,046 for Allen School; $596,896 for Albion Middle School and $1,073,475 for Center Middle School.

Volunteers who want to contribute to the process and attend "roll-up-the-sleeves" meetings about specific design issues can email Krupinski at krupinski@strongnet.org or Business Manager Mark Donnelly at donnelly@strongnet.org.

Anyone with suggestions for any of the work can also send them to the same addresses.

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Bob January 12, 2013 at 04:18 PM
How was an A/E firm hired before results of the bond issue were known? Why were they hired prior to bond issue passage? Was the process fair, i.e. in accordance with the Brooks Act? Something stinks here. And what's the rush to open in 2 years?? Do it right, not fast.
tom m January 12, 2013 at 07:37 PM
Bob the meetings are open to the public .........if you want to ask them these "supermarket Tabloid" questions ....just attend a meeting and ask them yourself
Pete January 12, 2013 at 11:37 PM
Why not use the existing football field and track and just get new bleachers to replace the old ones that were torn down?
Carmen January 23, 2013 at 05:02 PM
When School Boards get money they go on A spending spree incase later on they come up short for not Saving Any Of The Money For The Rainy Day Fund....Lets face it it will never end till the voters get a true understanding of what is at stake when they approve some of these Tax Increases.


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