Crematory at Jardine's is Approved

Planning Commission authorizes funeral home to add cremation equipment

 has won approval to .

About a dozen residents attended Thursday night's Planning Commission meeting, but were not permitted to speak on the matter. 

However, some residents have told Strongsville Patch they hoped to fight the project because crematories emit mercury -- from fillings in people's teeth -- into the nearby air.

Commission members voted 5-1 in favor of the plans.

Ward 4 Councilman Scott Maloney cast the dissenting vote, saying he could not support the location of the facility -- in the middle of town, near schools and homes.

"I think it's absolutely safe," Maloney said. "There really are not the concerns with emissions some people have raised."

But he said he has heard objections from enough residents that he felt justified in voting against the project.

"It's created a lot of controversy, and I represent the people," he said. "The issue, for me, is where it's located."

The commission two weeks ago tabled the plans so city officials could research the issue of emissions.

On Thursday night, officials said the newest cremation equipment has eliminated the emission issues that posed problems a decade ago.

"There's really no comparing the equipment," Building Commissioner Tony Biondillo said. 

Fire Chief Jeff Branic said he spoke with fire departments in 10 cities where similar crematories operate, and found no problems with equipment made in the last decade.

"We have not uncovered any problem with these devices that are of the most current technology," Branic said.

He said the data opponents are citing involve old equipment, and said the Ohio EPA has approved the machines. 

Jason Jardine has said there is "absolutely no smoke or odor" from the equipment his business plans to install.

"The machines we're buying are state-of-the-art," he said. "They were designed to run in neighborhoods."

At a public hearing two weeks ago, no one spoke against the project, while eight people spoke in favor of it.

Since then, some residents have said the crematory does not belong next to Strongsville High School or close to Hunting Meadows and businesses.

Resident George Grozan has questioned why Jardine's is not buying a scrubber for its unit that would filter out the mercury emissions. 

The commission's approval Thursday night clears the way for Jardine's to build a 1,400-square-foot addition for a crematory at its property at 15822 Pearl Rd.

The city will limit the hours of operation. Cremations can only take place between dawn and dusk.

City Council last year -- at Jardine's request -- established a set of local regulations for crematories in Strongsville.

lyn August 18, 2012 at 01:22 PM
Well, it only took 3 weeks after Jardines got the OK for building its body burner before Strongsville first realized the effects of this bad decision. As reported in cleveland.com as one of the reasons to not build the new middle school on the land between Jardine's and the high school, "Carbone said the 14-ton crematorium Jardine Funeral Home is installing also played a role." So, our schools DO NOT want to build there. Just who will want that land? At least that land can probably be bought at bargain basement prices. I'm sure some local family will scoop up that property at a great price from the schools. Then we'll see them try and pass it off for millions to some outside developer - especially since it is in a prime area, if it can get rezoned, if that's needed. What home buyer would want to build on land that a school doesn't want to build on - I would think the realtor would have to divulge that info.
Beverly August 18, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Lyn-this is a very sad situation-our city officials & Jardines have pretty much been "outed" on this one.Even the task force for the schools recognizes this is not a good thing/in the best interests of the students.It's a sad sad day when the realization hits that a few political families and the "officials" of what I now call Strongsville- 'The Crossroads of Corruption"(my opinion) have the power to effect so many people's lives & health.Not everyone can afford to or are physically able to move,but I know those who are considering it. It's interesting that city officials claim they did their "due diligence" as Scott quoted on his comment(another article ) yet they won't & don't have to show residents just what that supposed "due diligence" was. I feel there should be a public hearing where they should be forced to show what that was.I think this calls for an investigation into how all this came about in such a smooth fashion for the Jardines with no consideration for options/scrubbers that could ENSURE the public's safety.It just doesn't make sense logically & I susupect there is a reason for that that none of them will admit & we've obviously hit a nerve with them in divulging the information that has been uncovered here & in public meetings. George Grozan has all the evidence they need that this can not be deemed safe beyond a reasonable doubt without necessary precautions/scrubbers.
Beverly August 18, 2012 at 01:45 PM
This SCREAMS to be investigated-I'm not sure who the proper authorities would be,but if anyone knows please come forward.I guess a good start could be an investigative reporter like Ron Reagan of channel 5. This whole situation just smells bad--and the bodies haven't even begun burning yet!
lyn August 18, 2012 at 01:58 PM
It will be interesting to see what happens with that 17 acres that the school owns. Actually, that would have been a great location for a retirement campus, or whatever you call those places. Where people can have homes and clusters, then move on to assisted living and then skilled nursing care. The location would be great since banking and stores would be so close for seniors to get to. But, with Jardine's frying bodies next door, I would not want to spend my last years there, nor would I put my loved ones there.
lyn August 18, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Maybe now the only good use for that property is to put in a cemetery. And wouldn't Jardine's love that? More reason to use their services - right next to them.


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