Dogs, Cats Can Breathe Easier After a Fire

Crossroads Animal Hospital donates pet oxygen masks to Strongsville Fire Department


Dr. Jeffrey Peacock of Crossroads Animal Hospital has donated four sets of pet oxygen masks to the Strongsville Fire Department to help revive dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals rescued from a blaze.

"We value our animal lives, as we do human lives," Fire Chief Jeff Branic said.

The specially designed masks fit secuely over an animal's snout, allowing firefighters to deliver 100 percent oxygen to a pet that has been overcome by smoke during a fire.

The masks will be carried on the rescue squad from each of the city's four fire stations.

Peacock, whose practice already takes care of Murphy, the arson dog, as well as the Strongsville police dogs, said he learned that the Ohio Veterinary Medical Program will split the cost of the masks with a veterinarian's office.

"If we can do a little bit toward helping save pets' lives, it was a no-brainer," Peacock said.

Strongsville Capt. Kevin Bakley, Murphy's handler, said that up till now, firefighters have had to use human masks to deliver oxygen to animals.

"It worked, but only partially," he said.

Each rescue squad will carry a set of three masks in different sizes for large dogs, small dogs, and cats and other small animals.


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