Strongsville Police Blotter: Man Balks About Bill after Woman Walks; Cites 'Blind Date Rules'

Also, car break-ins, man falls asleep on bus and condiment mischief

Police were called to at March 19 because a man refused to pay his bill, saying his date should have to fork over the cash.

A report said the man was on a blind date, but the date went badly. The woman insulted him and left the restaurant after eating her meal -- but before the check came.

The man argued he should not have to pay for her meal because that was not in the "blind dating rules," the report said.

Police convinced him to pay the bill rather than face theft charges. He paid, but did not leave a tip, the report said.

In other news:

• Police were called to a disturbance at La Siesta, 8300 Pearl Rd, about 7:20 a.m. March 20 after a man started banging on the door and yelling at the manager.

Police learned the man had fallen asleep on an RTA bus and missed his stop in Cleveland. The bus driver made him get off in Strongsville, and he had gone to the motel to figure out where he was. He returned to the bus stop to await another bus to Cleveland.

• It wasn't tough to crack the case of who called police to say Dapper Dan's, 10929 Prospect Rd., was serving alcohol illegally on Sunday.

When police arrived, the barmaid said she had just received a text from her ex-boyfriend who said he was calling the police and making the allegation. The are has a permit for Sunday sales. The woman has already filed a report against her ex's harassment.

• Three cars parked at a Partridge Drive house were ransacked, but nothing was taken. The crime took place between 8 and 9 pm.. March 20.

• The animal warden was called when a bat got into a house on Hawthorne Lane March 20.

• Residents on Greenwood Drive and Donegal Lane were both visited by condiment-wielding vandals. On Donegal, people in an SUV threw eggs at the house and smeared ketchup and flour on a car in the driveway.

On Greenwood, residents found hot dog buns and condiments smeared on the driveway and a vehicle March. 20.

• On officer saw three girls causing a disturbance and making lewd gestures near the center of town. He met with the girls inside  to see if they were intoxicated and learned they had not been drinking, and that one of the girls was actually a boy dressed as a female.

All three were taken home and warned about disorderly conduct laws.

• A few dollars and a garage door opener were stolen from a car on Antler Lane the night of March 17.

• An Old Oak Drive woman woke up at 2 a.m. March 18 and discovered her garage door was open. Police checked the area and found no one around, but the woman said the garage door opener was missing from her unlocked car. She said her husband, who was out of town, may have taken it.

• A house on Olde Orchard Drive was hit with apples twice the evening of March 20.

• A man parked near the Strongsville Library aroused suspicions about 6 p.m. March 18 because he kept lying back in his car, then popping up and looking at the nearby playground. The man told police he was sleeping in the car.


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