Albion Road is Open Again

Repairs make it the 'most expensive road in Strongsville'


A crumbling section of Albion Road that has been closed for 19 months has reopened.

Mayor Tom Perciak said traffic was allowed to start using Albion about noon on Monday.

The city closed the road between Valley Parkway and Handle Road on May 10, 2011 after officials noticed the pavement was crumbling down a hillside.

The fix took 41 pylons placed in 30-foot holes to shore up the embankment and cost about $655,000.

That translates to $1,069 per linear foot, Perciak said. Compare that to the $59 per foot it cost to repair Shurmer Road or the $203 a foot for Sunset Road, the mayor said.

"I think we should put a sign up: The most expensive piece of road in Strongsville, Ohio," Perciak joked.



lyn December 04, 2012 at 07:59 PM
Then lets also put up a sign by that expensive I-71 Strongsville sign and all other costly projects so everyone can see how the city spends its money. I get that this project wasn't important to him - but it sure was to other people living in that area. Too bad he couldn't say it needed fixing for Foltz Parkway and then maybe he would have gotten funds for it to be fixed. Or, then again, why not? That excuse was used to get money for the next phase of Pearl Rd. widening and the 2 don't have anything to do with one another either!
Jason December 05, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Man. You are bitter! How do you not understand why foltz is important!? Foltz = money. Money for all those wonderful things you spoiled Strongsville residents have come to expect....such as the repair of Albion Rd. The sign was to attract business....for money....for you! Stop complaining all the time...its all you do on here lyn...
Ralph December 05, 2012 at 05:07 PM
Dear Lyn, I must agree with Jason. All you seem to do is complain. Someone should gift you anger management lessons for Christmas or help you get involved with a hobby or something to occupy yourself. Please don't respond, I'll ignore anything from you. TALK TO MY HAND!
lyn December 05, 2012 at 10:22 PM
Jason- It was you who pointed out in one of your earlier posts that the sign costs $130,000. As for Foltz, that area WILL benefit the city when expanded. But there is no way expanding Pearl has anything to do with the industrial area - and I am bitter that the city takes care of a select few individuals interest - like those who want a body burner, Jason, and those who own property along the to be expanded Pearl and are trying to sell it now for millions, when other areas of the city are deteriorating. There is too much neglect of existing problems, and the priorities are on moving ahead with other things. But, yes, I was on a roll yesterday - it was a bad day and I'm sorry if I took it out on anyone on here. However, I still think we need to take care of those taxpayers who have been living here and supported the city for many years, instead of casting them aside in favor of other interests and others interests - there are 45,000 other citizens here in the city to consider. Again - the only truck access to Foltz Parkway is off of 82 - you can't get there from Boston, Drake or Prospect. Anyone taking I-71 to Strongville to get to Foltz will be getting there via 82. So, to try and say Pearl Rd. needs widening for Foltz is not true. Unless you plan on plowing through the Woods and Waterford to get there.
lyn December 05, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Also, I have supported the city's efforts to get the Market District store and the 2 new councilmens attempt at beautify Pearl, among other things - so I'm not all negative. And I support the development of the intersection near Lowes. Just because you disagree with some of what I say does not make me bitter. Just yesterday!
lyn December 05, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Dear hand- Commenting and disagreeing does not constitute complaining. I guess you are angry when someone has an opinion different from yours - maybe you should deal with it.
Jason December 06, 2012 at 01:37 AM
Lyn, I did post about the sign. I do think it is excessive, but I understand the need. Expanding Pearl does have to do with Foltz. At this time, you can not enter Foltz from Boston, nor Prospect (No trucks on that section of Prospect). They can gain entrance from Drake, which as you know is the south end of Pearl, 82 and Lunn from Marks. Trucks come North on Pearl as well as down Pearl to Drake to reach the south end of Foltz. Now...with that said. the city did you that as part of their reasoning for the expansion of Pearl...which was actually just to relieve traffic congestion. I do question why they allowed the burner, but that particular funeral home does a lot from the city! The generously handled as well as went above and beyond for the funeral of one of the Brunswick victims. They also donate generously to the city. I too do not necessarily agree...but hey thats politics. I get having a bad day! NO SWEAT! I just get tired of people complaining on here, but not going to city council meetings and speaking up. There are other people on here who consistently bash the city and its services. The residents of this city have it FAR better than any city near us. Take a stroll down Brunswick roads....
lyn December 06, 2012 at 01:59 AM
As Tom Brennan had commented several months ago, "One more time: commercial truck traffic is presently prohibited on Drake both eastbound and westbound of Pearl. It's also prohibited on Prospect Rd. south of Royalton Rd./Route 82. " Unless signs have been taken down, and since signs also say same on Boston, they can't get to Foltz any other way except by 82.
lyn December 06, 2012 at 02:10 AM
Also, back in July I had commented: "As soon as you turn off Pearl onto Boston, there is a sign with a picture of a truck, with a red circle and a line crossing through it. So, I would say that means no trucks permitted." So, there would be no need for Foltz traffice to be traveling south down Pearl to Boston to get to the future extended industrial Foltz. And, why would you want to put additional traffic on that country road anyway? I take issue with the excuse given for the need for expansion. Should have just left it at that it has always been a dream to widen Pearl end to end and because some property owners wish to see that land they own have it developed there - so widening would benefit them greatly. It would be great if there weren't other areas in the city needing attention. I believe in maintaining what we have before moving ahead.
Tom Brennan December 06, 2012 at 03:52 PM
It would seem from the mayor's flippant remarks about the Albion Road repairs that having to pay for this project pains him to no end. From the above article: "I think we should put a sign up: The most expensive piece of road in Strongsville, Ohio," Perciak joked. Then, in today's edition of the Sun Star he is quoted as saying "When you drive on the hallowed ground, be advised that the cost of the road is $1609 per linear foot." Hallowed ground? Really? Comments like like might lead one to believe that he paid for this project out of his own pocket. This was an expensive but much needed repair job. It is what is it is.


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