'No Progress' After 11-Hour Negotiating Session

No further talks have been scheduled in Strongsville teachers' strike


Negotiating teams from the Strongsville teachers' union and the Strongsville School Board met for 11 hours Tuesday, but report no progress toward a settlement in the ongoing strike.

A statement released by School Board President David Frazee said the two sides met face-to-face in a federal mediator's office in Independence, "and no progress has been made."

SEA President Tracy Linscott echoed that statement, saying the talks ended abruptly when the board refused to budge on its last offer, which it presented March 2. 

"We met for 11 hours, and after 10 hours and 50 minutes, the board's attorney said they're not moving off their last best offer," Linscott said. "So that's it. We're right back where we were."

It was the second time since Strongsville teachers went on strike March 4 that the two sides have met with a federal mediator to hash out a new contract for the 383 members of the Strongsville Educaton Association.

On two other occasions, representatives from each side met privately with the mediator.

Linscott said the two sides had a series of discussions throughout the 11-hour session.

"We actually met and talked today, so that was a good sign," she said.

But in the end, the strike was no closer to being resolved. 

"No further mediation sessions were scheduled as a result of today's meeting," the statement from the school district said.

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William Hendershot March 28, 2013 at 07:51 PM
They will by hiring most of them.
MLing March 28, 2013 at 08:09 PM
Spoken like someone who is an outstanding performer...No need for a union to protect your position. Your job performance will keep you there. I'm afraid that the "union mentality" will not understand your mind set though. Your post will frustrate and scare them because they have been indoctrinated into thinking they are entitled to a life time job, regardless of their performance.
Elsie March 28, 2013 at 08:49 PM
Holly, I understand what you mean, but what I think people mean is taking work home and grading papers and the like is part of the job of being a teacher. Many other professions have after work prep activities as well. Of course mother/sub is preparing for her class - its part of being a teacher. You can't compare teachers to sanitation workers or doctors or chefs. You can only compare teachers to teachers. And yes the good ones keep prepared just like chef's learn new recepies at home when they experiment. Doctors have to keep up on new medical techniques. It is when teachers say they own the corner on working after work - when in reality many other professions have the same issues. Also, many have continuing education requirement to maintain state certifications (real estate, nurses, etc).
Holly Lamovsky March 28, 2013 at 09:10 PM
Elsie, absolutely this job requires work at home and all teachers know that going in. I know we by no means have a corner on the "work at home" market, but it does bug me when people keep referring to me as someone who only puts in 7.5 hours a day and is a part time worker. That is just not the reality. During the 36+ weeks that school is in session I work between 50-60 hours a week. During the 16 weeks that it is not, I probably average about 5 hours a week spent on school related research, lesson planning, etc. If you figure on the low end 50 hours x 36 weeks = 1800 hours plus 5 hours x 16 weeks = 80 hours, which comes out to 1880 hours over the course of a year. That comes out to 36 hours a week. Then, if you figure in the at least 2 weeks of vacation that private sector workers get (many get more if they have been with a company as long as I have been teaching, but let's shoot low again), that's 1880 hours over only 50 weeks of the year which comes out to 38 hours a week. That is clearly a full time job even figuring low on the time commitment.
Norah Mangan March 29, 2013 at 01:19 AM
Holly, Yes I'm being evaluated just as the teachers are, by peer review and my new sub friends think I'm doing a superdy-duper job. In fact, I believe I deserve a raise, Lol


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