News of the Week: Teachers Strike Costs City; Enrollment Dropping; Road Project Ahead

Here's what's been going on in Strongsville


A rundown of the top Strongsville stories this week:

Teachers strike costs city cash -- Strongsville has to transfer money into police account to cover the cost of overtime from security during the strike.

School enrollment dips -- Officials expect a significant decrease in the number of students next year.

Homes in foreclosure -- 11 properties go to sheriff's sale in May.

Road work ahead -- The city hires an engineer to unsnarl traffic at the Albion-Prospect roads intersection.

Upgrades at schools -- Plans for building a new middle school and updating other buildings are moving forward quickly.

Schools to cut pay-to-play fees -- The superintendent recommends reducing pay-to-participate costs by at least half.

Man living in woods -- Police discover a homeless person has been camping near the rec center.


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